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  • Das neue Free-to-Play MMORPG Scars of Honor möchte die Community in den Mittelpunkt der Entwicklung rücken. Die Entwickler bei Beast Burst Entertainment versprechen außerdem das erste “echte” kostenlose MMORPG zu […]

    • Hello, hopefully we won’t have the fate of CoE, at least we don’t plan on that.

      There will be an in-game shop, but it will be strictly for cosmetic items and no convenience items will be sold. There are many great games that sustain themselves by selling only cosmetics. We plan on selling not only item skins, but also spell colors and skill animations.

    • Hello, my name is Julian (from the first part of the video), in the video, our Founder is mentioning that we have investors involved at the end of 2020, and that is what helped us to form a team and start working on a faster pace. We will self publish via our own launcher.

      • Hi Julian, my name is Leya and im the Editor-in-Chief of MeinMMO. Welcome on our website! We’re always happy to collaborate with the developers of a game regarding interviews or guided gameplay-tours. Please keep that in mind when you have progressed far enough to show more of Scars of Honor 🙂

        • Hello, and thank you for the nice article, I will indeed have you in mind for future news and updates. We are looking into building up our German community, the website and the game itself will be translated into German as well 🙂

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